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3 Reasons Why Our Recovery System Is The Best Choice For Your Patients

With so many different recovery methods and techniques accessible to us at the tip of our fingers, via the internet, or our “Uncle Steve” who seems to have the answers to all of life’s problems, we can easily overlook the importance of doing things the correct way. This includes your patients who are in need of either the macular hole or detached retina surgery. Like most people, if I’m told I need to have surgery, one of the first thoughts to cross my mind is how much is this going to cost me? Especially, if there is a lengthy recovery involved. This thought alone causes a lot to either not even do the procedure, or to try and cut corners on cost even with insurance. This is a sad reality these days, but it brings me to my first reason why the Z Medical Inflatable Recovery System will improve your patient’s recovery.


Other leading providers sell their recovery systems at $200.00 and up, while some offer a rental pre-used option starting at $189.00 a week or higher. The Z Medical Recovery System can be bought, and owned for only $139.00. Which one would you choose if this surgery was your reality? The cost and the value your patients get is like none other during recovery, but also after recovery. For those that decide to purchase a chair for $200.00 or more, after they have recovered, they now have a bulky device weighing over 50 pounds that can be used for nothing else. Plus the fact that it has already been used depreciating the value if they try and sell it off. With the Z Medical Inflatable model, it only weighs 4 pounds and can be deflated and stored away easily.

Infection Control

One of the more obvious reasons why the Z Medical Recovery System will help your patient’s recovery is the fact that it is the more sanitary option during and after the recovery process. With the more popular method being to rent a face down recovery unit, infection is a serious risk. One in three people carry staph on their skin and when that person lays down for multiple days/weeks on a rental unit, the body, the nose, the eyes all release bodily fluids into the fibers of the rental equipment. This is even the case after the unit is “cleaned” or wiped down after use. This is a risk no one should have to take while already recovering from a serious issue.

With the Z Medical inflatable unit, your patient would get a brand new, never been used unit. Not only that, the head piece is completely vinyl so it can be cleaned as much as it is needed with soap and water. The head piece also has a machine washable cloth for your patients to purchase if they’d like.

Peace of Mind

Lastly, this factor can easily be forgotten, but it is vital during the recovery process. No one needs to be worried about money, infections, extending their rental, or any other complications when recovering from their surgery. The Z Medical recovery system provides an easy to use product while not breaking the bank at the same time. With peace of mind, even the hardest recovery can seem more bearable. This alone will ease the recovery of your patients after their procedure.

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