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  • The Deluxe vs. The Inflatable?
    The Inflatable Recovery System was developed with a lightweight design for both comfort and affordability for shipping. Ideal for users without much storage and suitable for patients under 300 lbs. We recommend the Deluxe Recovery System for the best recovery experience. The Deluxe Recovery System is designed for comfort while you rest and recover with correct form. It's made of breathable, cotton-covered foam components and prevents sweating compared to vinyl. It is adaptable to any sized patient and patients 6ft or taller can add a pillow to the pelvic-tilt feature to accommodate for their height. The Deluxe contains removable chest pad to accommodate your unique frame.
  • What is your return policy?
    Our Recovery Systems are sold brand new, never used, with sanitation as a top priority. For this reason, we don't accept returns because we wont sell or rent used Recovery Systems. If you purchased a Recovery System that was damaged when you opened the package, please contact us by phone at (800) 432-5854 or by email at Be sure to take photos of the damaged unit!
  • How fast can I have a Recovery System shipped to my house?
    Our shipping options include: UPS Ground: 3-5 Business Days (excluding weekends) UPS 2nd Day Air: 2 Business Days (excluding Saturdays) UPS Next Day Air: Next Business Day (excluding Saturday) FREE In-Store Pickup for customers located in the greater Phoenix area! If you have a special need or situation, please call us at (800) 432-5854 and we'll see how we can help.
  • Is face-down recovery really necessary?
    The short answer is, it depends. For starters, we recommend you follow your surgeon's specific instructions for your procedure. Every surgery may be different depending on the person and the specific type of surgical procedure. After certain types of retinal surgery where a gas bubble is placed in the patient's eye, the patient will need to keep their head in a face-down posture for a certain number of days or weeks. Being face down allows the gas bubble to float into the correct position in the eye and hold the retina in place to heal correctly. The recovery process is critical to maintain healthy vision. Resource: American Academy of Ophthalmology: Face-Down Recovery After Retinal Surgery
  • What are the Recovery Systems made out of?
    The Deluxe Recovery System is made of breathable, cotton-covered foam components that prevent sweating compared to vinyl. The head piece is made of vinyl and we recommend the Face Cover made of machine washable, breathable cotton. You can purchase the Face Cover - > here The Inflatable Recovery System has a velvet-flocked, puncture resistant base and comes with an electric pump.
  • Why don't you offer rentals?
    Each patient's vitrectomy and recovery process may be different from another patient. Not every patient's recovery time will require the same number of days and it may be hard to estimate how long a rental would be needed. Rental fees can add up quick for additional days. Our top priority is to provide patients with hygenic and sanitary recovery equipment to ensure patients can have peace of mind knowing their recovery system was never used by a stranger before them.
  • What are the dimensions of the Recovery Systems?
    The Deluxe Recovery System: Dimensions (in): 8” x 27” x 43” Weight: 12.5 lbs The Inflatable Recovery System: Box ​Dimensions (in): 14" x 5" X 18" Weight: Less than 4 lbs
  • Are there any size requirements for the Recovery Systems?
    The Deluxe Recovery System is adaptable to any sized patient. Patients 6ft or taller can add a pillow to the pelvic-tilt feature to accommodate for their height. The Deluxe is suitable for patients up to 300+ lbs. The Inflatable Recovery System is NOT suitable for patients 300+ lbs. The deluxe may be a better option.

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