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Z Medical has been helping folks Heal Correctly since 1997. Designed and developed by owner and vice president, Paul Zajas. He noticed medical recovery equipment was often cumbersome and heavy. Not only were medical pieces difficult to carry, but they also put tremendous strain on persons who used them. 


Heal Correctly set out to reduce this strain and create a better portable recovery unit. In doing so, we designed the body piece with a pelvic tilt feature and widened the surface, while keeping prices down and quality up. 


We were one day approached by a medical doctor from Penn Medicine, who explained that our recovery solution was greatly needed in the vitrectomy face down equipment industry. 


The only options for patients up until that point was to rent massage equipment. This can cause many issues with patient recovery, and besides, massage equipment was never designed to be used for vitrectomy surgery or face down recovery. 


Over many years of research and moving through countless prototypes, Heal Correctly has released The Recovery System for face down vitrectomy recovery.


Utilizing the input of several retinal surgeons active in their field along with patient feedback and requests, we have developed an excellent face down vitrectomy Recovery System specifically designed for the vitreous market.  The rest is history. 

Paul Zajas

Mary Zajas

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