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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Non-Compete? 

No. Your office is not obligated to solely offer the Z Medical Recovery System or to maintain a quota. We're okay with you giving your patients multiple options, because we're confident that our system is the most affordable and effective way to heal quickly and correctly.

What's the price difference between
The Recovery System and rental units?

Almost half the cost. Rentals cost $399 for 2 weeks.

The Recovery System is only $139.00 and theirs to keep.

What is the Donated Proceeds Breakdown?

Patients         Master Cases            Proceeds

12/mo            2 ct.                           $240.00

30/mo           5 ct.                           $600.00

54/mo           9 ct.                           $1,080.00

What about Taxes and Sales?

Your office does not have to deal with handling cash or owning any merchandise. We still own the product we send your clinic, you are merely offering an option and distributing.

What comes in the "Starter pack"?

1 Master Case (6 Inflatable Recovery Systems), 1 Tablet (patient purchasing), 2 Office Display Adverts, and Brochures (optional).​ 

Do I have to pay for the "Starter pack"?

No. You don't have to purchase the tablet or anything that comes with the starter pack. We even cover the shipping and handling.

What does The Recovery System look like?

You can see what it looks like HERE.

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