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The Inflatable Recovery System was developed with a lightweight design for both comfort and affordability for shipping. It’s designed to maximize comfort and flexibility so you can heal correctly from Macular Hole, Detached Retina or Vitrectomy procedures. The Inflatable Recovery System leverages Pelvic-Tilt Technology to promote alignment of your head and spine, and reduce stress on your lower back while you heal.


  • Inflatable design to maximize comfort, mobility, and flexibility

  • Lightweight and easy to carry (less than 4 lbs!)

  • Pelvic-Tilt technology promotes alignment and reduces stress on your lower back.

  • Velvet-flocked, puncture resistant base

  • Adjustable insert to accommodate your unique frame

  • Ideal for users without much storage

  • Suitable for patients under 300 lbs


Includes: Electric pump, breast pillow, ankle saver, and adjustable head piece. 


Box ​Dimensions (in): 14" x 5" X 18"

Weight: Less than 4 lbs

  • The Recovery System is non-refundable.

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