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The Deluxe Recovery System is uniquely designed to maximize comfort, promote alignment of your head and spine, and reduce stress on your lower back while you heal from Macular Hole, Detached Retina or Vitrectomy procedures.


  • Designed for comfort while you rest and recover with correct form.
  • Breathable, cotton-covered foam components prevent sweating compared to vinyl
  • Pelvic-Tilt technology promotes spinal alignment and reduces stress on your lower back.
  • Enables proper postures for your neck, shoulders, spine and hips.
  • Large breathing channel
  • Excellent for sleeping, resting, riding in a car or even sitting at a table.
  • Contains removable chest pad to accommodate your unique frame
  • Adaptable to any sized patient. Patients 6ft or taller can add a pillow to the pelvic-tilt feature to accommodate for their height. 
  • Suitable for patients up to 300+ lbs
  • Recommended to purchase the machine washable, breathable cotton Face Covering to wrap the vinyl head piece in for added comfort.
  • The Recovery System is non-refundable.

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