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Healing doesn't have to be a pain.

By using the latest in recovery technology,

 Z Medical has designed a vitrectomy recovery system that is $356 less than the cost of a rental chair. It's also 93% lighter in weight and 99.9% more sanitary.

See for yourself.

We'd love to partner with you!

By partnering with Z Medical, we'll send your office or clinic our inflatable recovery devices with no purchase necessary. We'll even pay for the shipping and handling costs. Our recovery systems come in compact boxes so housing them is as easy as putting them under your front desk. Not only are you offering a benefit to your patients (by boosting patient care/satisfaction) but your office will also benefit from our partnership thanks to Z Medical's loyalty rewards program.

Learn more below! 




Rack up loyalty points:

Receive 1 point per inflatable device that a patient purchases through your office.




To help save you time...
We'll even send you a tablet so your
patients can make

a payment
on their own.

Exchange 6 points for $120!

"We already hand out brochures for rental chairs!"

We typically hear...

But are you truly helping your patients?



$75.00 set up fee

$75.00 break down fee

$10.00 send back fee

$189.99 first week

$145.00 second week

They own it.

Total cost: $494.99 (without tax)

Total cost: See above.

(Yes, these are actual prices! We're not making this up!)

Let's get started today


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